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What Makes Star Performance System Different?

All training is not created equal. The average seminar or workshop is fine if you are only looking for a few pointers or general infomration, but when it's engaged employees with actionable skills you need. . .or real, measurable results, seminars and general workshops simply cannot fill the bill.

For genuine learning to occur, a training program must provide:

1. Impact - Get the trainees' attention and hold it

2. Repetition - To imprint what is being taught for retention

3. Utilization - To make concepts concrete

4. Internalization - So learned concepts become automatic actions

5. Reinforcement - So automatic actions become healthy habits

Seminars and many workshops provide only the first step: impact. The Star Performance System team is fully committed to delivering thorough training and measurable results so we integrate all five learning steps into our programs for immediate and lasting performance improvement.


Try our training risk-free. We are so sure you will benefit greatly from our training programs that, if you are not absolutely delighted with the program content and delivery, just let us know after the first session; we will either resolve the issue to your complete satisfaction or your entire investment will be refunded and we will part friends.

No hassle. No lost investment.

You want and deserve results. We believe a performance improvement company should deliver results or they don't deserve to be paid. That's been our philosophy from day one. We have always extended our no-risk guarantee and always will. To date, we have a lot of loyal fans and not one refund request.


Even Uncle Sam recognizes and approves of the importance of professional education. All expenses incurred for continuing education (including tuition, travel, meals and lodging) are tax deductible when taken for the purpose of maintaining or improving professional skills according to Treasury Regulation 1.162-5 Coughlin vs. Commissioner, 203 F2d 307






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