The Star Performance System

Our Litmus Test
Because we are fanatical about providing our clients with the kind of results the name Star Performance implies, and because we guarantee results, we hold ourselves to a very high standard and work only with organizations who are committed to doing the same.  To ensure that we are aligned with our clients and our clients with us, we created the Organizational pH Litmus Test. It provides a clear view of a healthy, profit producing "Gold Zone" and of what happens when organizations become too "caustic" or too "basic."
The Gold Zone is our yardstick. It is by this that we measure our own performance and choose the organizations we work with.  Whether an organization is currenlty on the caustic or basic side is not a factor. What is a factor is whether the organization's leaders are determined to get the organization into that healthy Gold Zone.
If they aren't, the organization is not a good fit for us.  We do not work with organiztions where leaders are not willing to reach for the Gold Zone because both caustic and basic organizations are unhealthy and dysfunctional, and will remain so as long as its leaders are content with the status quo.   
A New Game
Increased global competition, greater expectations from customers and shareholders, the new mindset and values of the new generation workforce, and the faster pace of today’s business world, place higher demands on managers and employees. This often translates to higher stress levels in the workplace, reduced productivity, high turnover and absenteeism, and adversely affected relationships throughout the organization. These internal factors then negatively impact external relationships including customer and vendor relations, which in turn negatively impact revenue generation and profits.
Changes are occurring very fast - big changes - and leaders must be willing to adjust to the changing marketplace and workforce to keep up and keep the organization relevant and profitable.
There is a real need for systems and measures that work in concert with one another and that keep pace to create and maintain optimal performance at every level. A workforce filled with star performers requires the alignment and integration of many factors. Among these are:
  • Being certain the right people are in the right jobs to minimize training and supervision requirements
  • Identifying the key attributes of top performers so they can be developed in other high potential employees
  • Being able to quickly and easily identify high potentials so they can be developed into high performers
  • Identifying the factotrs for engaging the workforce and keeping them engaged
  • Providing laser-focused traing to employees who have the interest, but lack the skills to contribute to the organization in significant ways
  • Developing predictable and consistent measures to ensure employee readiness and ability to adapt to changing business requirements
  • Investing in solutions that continue to drive performance
Achieving Objectives
The Star Performance System supports organizations in achieving their objectives of aligning, developing, motivating, and rewarding exceptional workforces so they remain engaged and loyal. Our world-class integrated system which gets right to the core of what drives workforce performance and profits will help you get there quickly and give you the tools to stay on the cutting edge.
Rapid Results – Around the Clock Application
The Star Performance System has distinct capabilities that allow our clients to meet their immediate and on-going workforce evaluation and development needs to create and sustain a high performing workforce in record time.
Once organizational alignment is achieved, the Star Performance System incorporates a patented system, the CORE Multidimensional Awareness Profile (CORE MAP). CORE MAP is a fully integrated, easy to use online program that is available anywhere in the world, around the clock, seven days a week. It is one of the most powerful and effective systems available for identifying specific performance factors.
CORE MAP provides an in-depth appraisal of factors that cannot be seen on the surface or measured with ordinary assessment methods. This system takes the guesswork out of selection, placement and promotion decisions to ensure that the best candidate for the job is the one selected every time. And CORE MAP cannot be skewed without detection so you can be sure that the overall picture tells the real story.
Detect Core Competencies and Effectiveness Levels
What most employee development systems lack is the ability to determine with accuracy the degree to which essential core competencies are developed or are lacking in job candidates. The CORE Workforce Performance System supports role-based competency models that can be fully integrated into the hiring, placement, development and performance appraisal processes, allowing managers to place, train and objectively evaluate employees on their competency levels, suggest areas for growth or arrange training that will ensure the employee’s most rapid development.
The Star Performance System measures each of the competencies most essential to exceptional workplace performance, including emotional intelligence (EI or EQ), ability to cope effectively under stress, general attitude toward other people, systems, processes and procedures, and how effectively traits essential to particular job functions are developed and utilized. The ability to measure and monitor the development of competencies results in improved outcomes and defines clear paths for the development of required competencies. This leads to greater organizational effectiveness, productivity and profits.
An Exceptional Management and Training System
The Star Performance System provides managers with a clear picture of employee capabilities and training needs to enable them to create dynamic, focused and effective development plans that can be monitored and adjusted on a continuous basis. Specific training programs can be implemented in-house or through one of the Star Performance System’s certified trainers. Certified coaches and consultants are also available where one-on-one interventions are more appropriate. The results are improved employee performance in current job roles and the ability to pinpoint areas where development of critical skills for future career path progression can be most effectively applied.
The CORE Multidimensional 360°System
The CORE Multidimensional 360° System can be used in conjunction with the Star Performance System or as a stand alone tool to provide feedback on employee performance, skills, attitudes and interactions from multiple perspectives. This facilitates balanced and meaningful insights into employee performance from every pertinent angle resulting in a greater awareness of competency gaps and development needs. Armed with this information leaders can make more informed decisions concerning manager and team development, goal alignment, performance-based compensation programs and adjustments, and improved ability to motivate, reward, develop, promote and retain talent.
The CORE Clarity Employee Survey
The CORE Clarity Employee Survey provides management with actionable feedback that helps them identify perception vs. the reality and better understand the issues that matter most to employees. This gives employees a safe, anonymous, user-friendly forum for expressing their points of view resulting in increased employee engagement, while also providing management with key data points to consider in formulating new processes and strategies.
CORE Workplace Performance Model Analysis and Reporting
CORE Workplace Performance Model Analysis and Reporting provides feedback to leaders on the effectiveness of the current business model in creating an environment conducive to optimal employee performance. Strengths to build upon and any weaknesses or gaps in the current system are analyzed to provide insight and give leaders the data required for making informed strategic performance management decisions.
CORE Talent Development and Succession Planning
CORE Talent Development and Succession Planning helps companies assess talent inventories, perform modeling scenarios, and develop focused, targeted career paths and development plans for all employees. This is achieved through the establishment of performance benchmarks for key positions throughout the organization, analysis of subtle, but important performance factors and the development of specific training, coaching or systematic processes to ensure optimal development and readiness of employee talent.
The Star Performance System is delivered through a customized combination of online applications, training, consulting and coaching to ensure that clients rapidly align, develop, motivate, and maintain a high-performance workforce. This world-class system provides fast, measurable results. . . guaranteed!
Our Guarantee
Our guarantee is plain and simple; either we deliver what we say we will or you don’t pay. We check for satisfaction early and often to ensure that we are delivering to your standards and beyond.
We create tangible results that substantially increase employee productivity, positively impact revenue, significantly decrease employee turnover, absenteeism and discipline problems; reduced development costs and significantly improve management-employee relations.
Application Features
  • Measurable and trackable results
  • Low cost of implementation (no software or special hardware needs for online applications)
  • Online applications optimized for 24/7 uptime and performance
  • Intuitive user interface allows for ease-of-use.
  • Easily integrates with existing systems.
  • System is highly scalable and secure.
  • Built on proven Best Practices standards.
  • Hosted system allows 24/7 access from anywhere with a user code.
  • Rapid deployment ensuring that most customers can be getting results in just a few days and at a fraction of typical implementation costs.
Solid Research
The Star Performance System is a product of solid research. Every application and assessment we use has been thoroughly researched and validated as accurate and reliable over time and across applications.
Hard Numbers
Investing in your people isn’t just a good idea, it is good business. Studies abound on the benefits and savings in both time and money. A recent in-depth study conducted by Jim Collins and a team of researchers, and published in his book Good to Great, provides ample data on the bottom-line benefits of hiring the right people, properly placing them and continually investing in the development of current employees. Having the right people in the right positions is listed as the number one factor in every one of the companies Collins listed among the great. These companies earned an average of 6.9 times the market average and as much as 17 times that of comparable companies.(Good to Great, p 3) Research conducted by Daniel Goleman and his team found that well developed people can increase output in an organization by as much 300% (Working with Emotional Intelligence, p 35).






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