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Coach/Liaison Benefit Packages

Attract and retain top talent, increase motivation and maximize employee potential with a Coach/Liaison Benefit program that really makes a difference. And not just to employees, but to leaders/managers and to the company as a whole. The Coach/Liaison Benefit program offered by The Star Performance Group serves the needs of employees and motivates them like little else can and, because it measurably increases productivity and profit it continues to pay long term dividends to the organization through ever increasing employee effectiveness.

How It Works
Because many employees feel uncomfortable discussing issues with another company employee, even when the other employee’s job is “employee relations”, issues that interfere with productivity often go unmanaged.

Many employees fear that things disclosed to an individual within the organization may come back to haunt them, especially when the issues are work related or when they affect productivity.

When the issues are personal or family related, the employee often feels that their manager or a company advisor doesn’t care about personal problems or isn’t qualified to help.

As a result, issues that really need to be resolved to ensure that employees are fully present and motivated often get swept aside and never dealt with.

As worries or concerns continue to mount and fail to be resolved, productivity begins to suffer, absenteeism and tardiness increase, fuses get shorter, internal conflict accelerates, lines of communication get broken and the entire organization is negatively impacted.

The Star Performance Coach/Liaison Benefit packages are designed to alleviate all that while also improving the company’s bottom line. As an external resource that maintains absolute confidentiality, our firm provides a safe and competent environment in which employees can deal with and resolve issues thereby improving employee satisfaction, increasing productivity and helping employers achieve their production goals.

Our staff
Our staff includes a Doctor of Psychology, a Certified Grief Recovery Counselor, Certified HR Professionals, Certified Coaches, and World Class Trainers to ensure the continued growth and development of employees at all levels and overall improved functioning throughout the entire organization.

Our programs are designed to ensure that both employees and employers get their needs met. We provide specific actionable tools to deal with issues quickly and effectively, and provide the essential support managers and leaders generally don’t have the time to provide. As issues are resolved:

  • Employee satisfaction and loyalty increase
  • Turnover, absenteeism and tardiness decline
  • Productivity and profits continue to climb

It’s a win/win situation.
Leaders and managers get the support they need to get the most and best from their people, employees get their needs met and companies get happier, more productive employees. Studies show an increase in productivity of as much as 300% and of return on investment of as much as 40 to 1. Employees consistently rate this service at the top of their list of preferred benefits.

Put us to the test.

  • Give us your greatest employee challenges
  • Set us to task helping you reach your loftiest goals
  • Use us to achieve more by freeing up your leaders and empowering your people
  • Let us show you just how much can be delivered in record time
  • Take advantage of one of our guaranteed annual packages* and get all the benefits of a long-term coaching/counseling/training relationship at a fraction of the cost
  • Eliminate lost time and productivity**

* Coach/Liaison BenefitPackages are annual coaching/counseling/training agreements with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t delighted with the results we have produced after 30 days we will either resolve the issue to your complete satisfaction or your entire investment will be refunded and we will part friends.

** Just how much is lost time and productivity costing you? Studies suggest that it costs an average of $28,500 to replace a typical employee and get a new one up to speed. The higher the salary and the more complex the job, the greater the replacement cost. The cost to replace a manager can run into six figures and hiring mistakes can be very costly. Unmotivated or distracted employees cost an organization between 25% and 40% of his/her salary due to wasted time and low productivity. Disruptive employees cost as much as 100% of their salary because not only do they waste their own time, they also cause other employees to lose time and be less productive. To calculate what you are losing, multiply employee turnover, the number of unmotivated or distracted employees and the number of disruptive employees by the above formula.






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