Leaders and managers today are diligently searching for ways to fit the incoming workforce into the existing workplace, have them follow established protocol, and perform as expected.

The problem is, the new generations have little interest in playing by the old rules. They follow a completely different set of rules built around deeply held core values which diverge sharply from those of previous generations—and from workplace expectations. 

Though the ideals of youth mature over time, core values don’t change so, to get the best from the emerging workforce and meet organizational goals, leaders must stop trying to change their people and focus on changing the game.

The small, incremental changes that once worked no longer get the desired results, and it is unlikely they ever will again. The values and mindset that drive the decisions and behaviors of the newer generations are not a temporary phase or a mere ripple in a pond, this is a sea change; a global power shift unlike any in recorded history.

Power Shift: The New Rules of Engagement provides an indepth look into the factors driving this great shift, and provides leaders and managers with the awareness, insights and tools for harnessing the energy and talents of the new workforce. It is full of strategies and actionable steps leaders and managers can take to get thr best from the largest generation in history - Millennials - and positively influence the direction the power shift takes.

Power Shift lays out an effective leadership model along with ample examples of companies that have adopted this model and now have dedicated, high performance employees of every generation who are driving unprecedented growth and profits. This is a blueprint leaders can follow to ensure that their organization not only survives the power shift, but thrives.





Power Shift

Power Shift