The #1 Management Skill
If a company is to remain healthy and profitable, every employee must function at optimum levels, both individually and within teams.
To ensure peak performance, managers must be able to connect with each of their employees individually, as well as provide cohesiveness within the team.
In this program, managers and supervisors learn ways to motivate and successfully manage every type of employee and keep them functioning at optimal levels. They will discover a treasury of ways to optimize time and energy, while increasing employee productivity, effectiveness and job satisfaction. This program is full of techniques for maximizing performance and getting optimal results from every employee.


The world of business today is very different than at any other time in history. The pace is faster than most leaders can successfully keep up with, and the new workforce plays by different rules. They expect a different kind of leadership and have no reservations about leaving a company where leadership is not meeting their needs. What once worked is now obsolete and organizational leaders that fail to adjust their leadership style to fit the new reality will continue to meet with frustration rather than success. To grow and thrive, organizations need a new kind of leadership and today’s leaders must step into that new role successfully to remain viable. Choice Leadership is one of the most effective programs available for helping today’s leaders make that essential transformation.

Choice Leadership is filled with methods, tools and techniques for creating a workplace filled with engaged, dedicated, high perfomance people with greater effectiveness and ease. It includes assessments, group training/coaching and individual coaching to ensure that leaders integrate the latest and most effective methods for keeping themselves and their employees functioning at optimal levels. Leaders will learn how to:

  • Greatly increase their leadership effectiveness
  • Free themselves from fire-fighting and employee hand-holding
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Ensure that employees are self-driven and take responsibility for getting good results
  • Increase employee commitment, effectiveness, job satisfaction and productivity
  • Improve communication
  • Reduce conflict and increase trust
  • Provide a treasury of ways for leaders to optimize their own time and energy as well as that of employees
  • Unleash and optimize the performance, potential and passions of employees
  • Build a positive, productive culture
  • Rapidly identify high potentials and help them quickly excel
  • Guide best practices for mastering change to ensure optimal outcomes
  • Provide no-cost employee incentives that reduce stress and increase productivity
  • Bring out the best in every employee
  • Encourage and empower both leaders and employees to take the company from good to great
To be successful in any supervisory position it is essential to know how to inspire and motivate people to perform in ways that are beneficial to the company's goals, to the work environment, to the supervisor, and to the employee.
Since front line supervisors face different challenges than upper-level managers, and need to work more closely with their people, outstanding people skills is crucial to success.
This program is designed to teach those skills in the fastest, most effective way possible. It combines technique with experiential exercises so participants actually experience the results they can take to the workplace and use everyday.

Transform your company from ordinary to outstanding by learning specific ways to improve business relationships and develop important interpersonal skills.
The Elements of Excellence program is appropriate for employees and managers at every level. Participants will gain a fuller understanding of self and others, learn how to build loyal, dedicated teams, effect positive changes in the workplace, and effectively deal with daily stresses. The most crucial elements for the building and maintaining of excellence in the workplace will be addressed. This is an excellent nuts and bolts approach to developing strong leadership, consistent innovation and growth, excellent customer service, and efficient, productive, involved employees.
Managers will learn how to develop strong leadership skills, get employee commitment, create and sustain momentum, and facilitate change in more positive ways. They will discover effective ways to handle problem employees, clear up office politics, eliminate petty workplace wars, inspire vision and commitment, and create peak performers.
Employees learn to provide outstanding customer service, work more effectively with managers, supervisors and co- workers, become happier, more productive contributors to the company's goals and valuable assets the company will want to keep. They will discover what will enable them to maintain enthusiasm and commitment long term, and be more innovative and creative in the process.






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