NEGOTIATION AND PERSUASION Powerful Skills for Moving People to Action
Learn skills that can open doors and get the results you want without making others feel pushed, prodded or manipulated against their better judgment.
Discover the tools and techniques used by the world's most effective persuaders and negotiators and learn to apply them for success with all types of people.
With these powerful skills you will:
  • Improve outcomes in every area of your life
  • Create win/win situations that foster long-term relationships
  • Get more done through others without seeming "bossy"
  • Get things done your way more often without sacrificing good-will or valuable relationships
  • Make or save a lot of money by negotiating better deals
Negotiation and persuasion can improve transactions or relationships anywhere you want to see your plan put into place
You'll be amazed at how much more effective your dealings with people will be as a result of mastering these two invaluable skills.

Difficult people in the workplace can cause tension, bottlenecks in work flow, missed deadlines, and ineffective teams. Some types sabotage the efforts of co-workers, spread vicious rumors and regularly offend co-workers, while others seek power at the expense of others and destroy morale without regard for the good of the company. In short, they rob your company of productivity and healthy bottom-line results.
When the difficult person is a customer or vendor their negative attitude can throw normally well-functioning employees into a tail spin.
This course is designed to help you identify the causes of difficult behaviors and deal with troublemakers more effectively. Learn how to handle the Bullies, the Anti-Socials, the Whiners and other difficult types in the most efficient and beneficial manner, and develop strategies for managing conflict without losing your cool.






Power Shift

Power Shift