Personal Growth and Assertiveness Training

Achieving your Personal Best
This program utilizes the highly acclaimed CORE Multidimensional Awareness Profile and other self-evaluation devices to help participants discover their own unique personality, strengths, weaknesses, value systems, internal programs, and natural tendencies.
Participants pinpoint nurtured programs that can be counterproductive to effective functioning, and learn to interact and communicate better. They will understand themselves and others more fully, overcome negative programming and fear, and function better overall.
Nothing works better or faster to build healthy, cooperative relationships than total understanding of self and others, which is exactly what this invaluable program provides.
It is likely to be counted among the best things you ever did for yourself and/or your employees.

How to Stay Calm, Cool, Confident and in Control
Assertiveness and aggressiveness are two entirely different behaviors. Assertiveness is positive and beneficial to all concerned, while aggressiveness is almost always negative and selfish.
This program is designed to improve confidence and self-esteem, and to achieve positive results in relationships of all types. It teaches participants to take responsibility and initiative in interpersonal relationships.
Learn how to handle passive, passive-aggressive and aggressive types correctly and confidently. Discover ways to ask for, and more consistently get, what you want without being too passive or offensive. Develop the tools for overcoming guilt, fear, apprehension, anxiety and a host of other crippling emotions.
Assertiveness training improves interactions, builds confidence and provides the framework for healthy relationships of all kinds.






Power Shift

Power Shift