Selling and Customer Relations

Outstanding salespeople have some very specific attributes that go beyond technique and which make them many times more effective than most.
While technical training provides good basic selling skills, technique alone cannot produce outstanding performers. In fact, the very attributes that make salespeople great can also cause them to resist using many of the traditional techniques generally taught in sales training sessions.
Master sellers instinctively know which technique will work best with different customer types. They can instantly pick up on clues that tell them what type of customer they are dealing with and can then adjust their approach, presentation, and closing style to fit the needs of the customer.
These powerful, money-making procedures can be learned and incorporated by almost any salesperson. Even seasoned professionals will discover new and innovative ways to improve their outcomes.
In this highly interactive workshop, participants will:
  • Discover the psychology behind the techniques; why they work, why they don't, and when to use them most effectively.
  • Discover how to make the most of their natural selling style
  • Learn how to read people instantly and accurately; recognizing wants, needs, motivators, buying signals and buying styles
  • Learn how to adjust their selling style to meet the needs of their customers
  • Discover which customer type responds to the "assumptive close", and which type will NEVER respond to it
  • Develop methods for overcoming fear and call reluctance
  • Learn WHY and WHEN traditional sales techniques work (and why and when they don't)
  • and much more!
Through a series of profiles, interactive exercises, and actual on-the-job applications, participants learn and internalize skills that produce dramatic results. This workshop takes ordinary sales people to new heights of success and make superstars of the already effective ones.

Businesses fail every day because owners and managers fail to understand the EXTREME importance of good customer relations. Throughout business history, those managers and owners who have understood, taught and required a program of good customer relations have grown and prospered, while those who neglected it are either out of business or on their way out.
More and more, today's consumer is insisting on courteous service. If they don't get it, research shows they are quick to go elsewhere and they seldom give the offender another chance.
Since it costs 12 times more to get a customer than to keep one, no business can afford to neglect this vital skill set.
This program takes an in-depth look at :
  • The how's and the why's of courtesy and relating well to customers of all types.
  • The wants, needs, desires, fears, concerns and attitudes of today's customers and specific ways to address these without compromising one's own values and needs.
  • How to sell up most effectively and in a way that the customer will actually appreciate.
  • How to establish credibility and trust, use greetings that get positive customer response and take actions that produce sales.
Turn every employee into a goodwill ambassador with the skills to turn unhappy customers into long-term allies. Win new customers, increase sales, and keep customers coming back again and again. You'll even have customers doing your selling for you! 






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