Effective teamleaders understand the need for diversity within their team, but with diversity can also come conflict. This workshop provides the tools that managers and team members need to reduce conflict and ensure overall success for the team.
Participants will first learn to understand each team member; their wants, needs, motivations, and what they bring to the team. They then learn how to pull the team together, create cohesiveness, build trust, respect and credibility within the team, empower others, and communicate and persuade without seeming "pushy".
Then, through a series of experiential activities, they actually experience the concepts they have learned in action. Key skills are put into practice and internalized for fuller understanding. A clear understanding of the need for diversity within the team emerges during these exercises and becomes a permanent benefit.
Participants experience, first hand, what they must do to manage moods and resolve differences in order to build and maintain team spirit and mutual cooperation. They learn ways to communicate and cooperate, even with those they perceive as "difficult".
This fun and insightful workshop teaches skills that not only foster positive outcomes in teams, but in every relationship, personal and professional.
This program incorporates both classroom and experiential learning. Extended programs are available which include experiential activities that can be held both indoors and out.

This program is a step-by-step employee guide to handling co-workers, vendors, and other day-to-day interactions effectively.
Customers, vendors, financial backers and even prospective employees determine the strength and value of a company by the attitudes and actions of the employees with whom they come in contact.
By giving every employee the tools needed to build and maintain the relational skills which are vital to making the best possible impressions, you can keep customers smiling, attract the right employees, keep vendors and lenders interested in doing business with you and keep that bottom line growing in the right direction.






Power Shift

Power Shift