The Ultimate Employee Effectiveness Program

Results of a study done recently by the National Employment Commission found poor interpersonal skills to be the number one cause of employee dismissal, and difficult inter-company relationships to be the number one cause of employee turnover, job dissatisfaction, absenteeism, decreased productivity and lawsuits brought against employers.
In light of those findings, the wisest investment a company can make is providing training to improve interpersonal skills and inter-company relationship skills company-wide.
For optimal results, there is no finer or more effective program than CORE Plus.
It is unconditionally guaranteed to make a positive, measurable, and lasting difference.
CORE Plus is a complete employee effectiveness program which results in genuine and measurable improvements in the way employees relate, communicate, solve problems, resolve differences, work within teams, follow instructions and function within the organization.
Everyone, from managers to mail-room clerks, can benefit greatly from this program.
CORE Plus is a six-part program built around the exceptional measuring instrument, the CORE Multidimensional Awareness Profile. It is presented in six segments (five 3 hour and one 6 hour - 21 hours total). Each segment is designed to build upon the previous ones so, at the end of the program, employees are well-trained and using the learned skills on a daily basis. The final segment focuses on experiencing and applying what was learned in the previous sessions.
Participants will gain a fuller understanding and appreciation of one another and learn valuable interpersonal, communication and conflict resolution skills. Throughout the training, employees are applying, practicing and learning to perfect their new skills in the workplace, where it counts.
Benefits include improved manager-employee relationships and results; improved peer relationships; greater awareness, understanding and appreciation of individual differences; better communication; less conflict; reduced stress; happier, more effective employees; improved customer service; improved selling and negotiation outcomes; greater productivity; reduced employee turnover; and an overall improvement in workplace dynamics.
The Six Sessions include:
  1. CORE MAP - Understanding Self and Others
  2. Communication - Verbal and Non-Verbal
  3. Functioning Fully in a Changing Environment
  4. Working Interdependently and as a Team - When, Where and How
  5. Resolving Conflict/Building Cooperation - Leadership and Negotiation Techniques for a Win/Win Working Environment
  6. Bringing Out the Best in Self and Others






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