Additional CORE Assessments

In addition to the CORE Multidimensional Awareness Profile (CORE MAP) and the CORE Personal Effectiveness Profile (CORE PEP), The Star Performance Group provides other assessments designed to improve performance.

CORE Multidimensional 360˚System™

The CORE Multidimensional 360˚ System™ can be used in conjunction with the Star Performance System™ or as a stand-alone tool to provide feedback on employee performance, skills, attitudes and interactions from multiple perspectives. This facilitates balanced and meaningful insights into employee performance from every significant angle resulting in a greater awareness of competency gaps and development needs. Armed with this information leaders can make more informed decisions concerning leadership and team development, goal alignment, performance-based compensation programs, and improved ability to motivate, reward, develop, promote and retain talent.

CORE Clarity Employee Survey™

The CORE Clarity Employee Survey™ provides management with actionable feedback that helps them identify perception vs. reality and better understand the issues that matter most to employees. This gives employees a safe, anonymous, user-friendly forum for expressing their points of view resulting in increased employee engagement, while also providing management with key data points to consider in formulating new processes and strategies.

CORE Performance Model Analysis and Reporting

CORE Performance Model Analysis and Reporting provides feedback to leaders on the effectiveness of the current business model in creating an environment conducive to optimal employee performance. Strengths to build upon and any weaknesses or gaps in the current system are analyzed to provide insight and give leaders the data required for making informed strategic performance management decisions.

CORE Talent Development and Succession Planning

The CORE Talent Development and Succession Planning assessment helps companies assess talent inventories, perform modeling scenarios, and develop focused, targeted career paths and development plans for all employees. This is achieved through the establishment of customized performance benchmarks for key positions throughout the organization, analysis of subtle, but important performance factors and the development of specific training and/or coaching processes to ensure optimal development and readiness of employee talent.

Hiring and Placement

To increase the overall effectiveness of CORE PEP, which is an outstanding tool for hiring and placement, customized benchmarks can be created around key positions and a template of top performers in that position provided. The value of a custom benchmark over standard industry benchmarks is that the customized one takes the company’s culture into account ensuring a better fit.






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