Why should I consider a Star Perfromance Group  consultant?

When an organization is faced with a challenge, it is often hard for those closely connected to it to determine whether the presenting problems are people or systems related because the two are so closely intertwined. Sometimes what is assumed to be systems problems are actually people problems and vice-versa. If left alone, systems problems actually do result in people problems and people problems can render otherwise good systems ineffective. The result is loss of employee dedication and perfromance, high turnover, low productivity, loss of customer loyalty and, ultimately lost profits.

For an organization to run smoothly both the people and the systems that support them must be functioning properly. Our first goal  is to determine whether presenting problems are people or systems based. Where the problem is systems based, the resources needed for implementing solutions often already exist within the company and, with proper guidance and motivation, can be relatively simple to implement.

Where this is the case, our goal is to communicate requirements to the proper sources and, where necessary, provide motivation and momentum to ensure completion of the projects.

The same cannot be said when presenting problems revolve around people. People are not as predictable or as readily changed as systems. People need a reason to change and sustained motivation to make and keep the necessary changes. What the reasons and motivators might be are different from person to person and are not always apparent.

That’s where our team of experts shines, we specialize in solving the problems that arise around people. Problems with:

  • Motivation
  • Communication
  • Interpersonal relating
  • Team function
  • Leadership or management effectiveness
  • Key employees who are difficult to manage
  • Employees who create bottlenecks in their effort to ensure perfection
  • Leaders or employees who are under-performing to name just a few.

In every organization there are numerous people related situations which can, and often do, prevent organizations from growing and developing to their highest potential.

Most of the time people problems arise because the individuals involved lack the understanding or skills to affect a better outcome.

When the necessary skills, awareness or understanding is provided by someone the individual or group trusts, substantial gains are made. Trust comes from high levels of expertise and the Star Performance team has more than 100 collective years of expertise to call upon to help you resolve people problems. We deliver results, guaranteed.

Which approach is most effective . . . training, consulting or coaching?

Each approach has its advantages. Training is best when you want to teach the technical skills necessary for job effectiveness, or for functional skills and dissemination of general knowledge, such as communication, leadership or  sales skills. Classroom training is generally the most cost effective way to positively impact a team, division or organization. 

Research shows that retention of information gained in a typical classroom setting is less than 30%, but the methods we use have more than doubled that percentage (72%) by training in easily assimilated, high-impact segments, requiring that training participants practice what they learn in real world settings between segments and holding them accountable for following through.

But even with greatly improved retention and application, training by its very nature is limited to general learning. It does not lend itself to specifics as do consulting and coaching.

Consulting is best when specific problems arise within an organization or team which ordinary interventions have not been effective is resolving. Our consultants are problem solvers who have the benefit of years of problem-solving experience and an outside perspective.

As consultants we are able to get past assumptions and filters and look at old problems from a clearer perspective. We have the expertise to quickly get to the heart of the problem and implement the right solution.

Consultants work directly with management to affect the desired outcome. Our consultants are dedicated to delivering real results really fast, not just making observations and filing reports.

Coaching is the best option when individual improvements are desired in specific areas. When individuals want to improve their outcomes faster and with greater ease coaching is by far the most effective route.

Research shows that retention of information in coaching approaches 96% compared to 30% in a typical classroom. Coaching even exceeds the 72% retention rate achieved through our special training methods, which is why we recommend the coaching approach where rapid improvement for key personell is the goal.

Beyond information retention, skills learned through a good coach are as much as five times more effective than those learned through trial and error and the development rate of those who employ a coach is three to nine times as fast as self-learning.






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