The Entire Company Can Be Affected By:

  • Hiring Decisions (good & bad)
  • Promotions (effective & ineffective)
  • Change (downsizing, right-sizing & growth)
  • Employee Dynamics
  • Diversity
A job match is not necessarily a job fit.
Will the employee fit into the corporate culture?
Is the employee one that will enhance the department and round out the team?
Will the attributes they bring be those the team needs?
"It's not experience that counts -- or college degrees or other accepted factors; success hinges on a fit with the job."
Harvard Business Review
Research suggests that well-placed, well-trained employees are as much as 400% more effective in their jobs. They function better, both individually and in teams, and can add significantly to a healthy bottom line.
You can be absolutely sure that your employees are well-placed with the CORE Multidimensional Awareness Profile® (CORE MAP).
Through CORE MAP reports can be generated to:
  • Create benchmarks
  • Predict job effectiveness/fit
  • Define requirements for job satisfaction
  • Measure and predict employee effectiveness
  • Reveal leadership styles
  • Predict the effectiveness of a team
  • Indicate sales ability
  • Define communication and interpersonal relating styles
CORE MAP is unlike any assessment you have ever experienced!
CORE MAP is a system that measures from multiple angles providing a deeper, broader perspective that includes development levels and competence across a broad spectrum of human traits.
CORE MAP cannot be faked or skewed without detection.

It is not uncommon for job applicants to skew assassment so they look good. With most assessments skewing is not detectible which is why some applicants who look great on an assessment turn out to be problem employees.

With CORE MAP, attempts to skew the results to fit job requirements are immediately apparent.

CORE MAP is easy to administer
The profile takes about 45 minutes to complete, and accurately measures and evaluates:
  • Natural Tendencies
  • Effects of Nurture & Socialization
  • Preferred Functioning Modes
  • Personal Effectiveness Traits™
  • Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Motivators & De-motivators
  • Positive/Negative Traits Ratio
  • Reactionary Styles
  • Relating Styles
  • Tolerance Levels
  • Emotional Intelligence
CORE MAP is accurate, reliable and easy to understand
Without accurate reporting people are often placed in the wrong job position resulting in unhappy employees, poor performance, hindered team efforts, and ultimately, a negative effect on the bottom line. Research indicates that 84% of the general population do not know themselves well enough to profile accurately.
CORE MAP is the most accurate and reliable source on the market today for finding an ideal fit
There are many assessments on the market, but none can match the level of accuracy and reliability that the CORE MAP offers.
Unless you are currently using CORE MAP, your odds of getting an accurate result through profiling are less than one in two. With the high cost of hiring and training, that can be a costly gamble.
CORE MAP is easy to put into action
You don't have to wade through voluminous reports to get the information you need with CORE MAP. And because CORE MAP provides more measures to ensure accuracy, individuals who profile incongruently are easily identified and properly directed for maximum effectiveness.
CORE MAP is your KEY to maximizing your human resources!
Through CORE MAP employees at every level learn ways to:
  • Capitalize on strengths
  • Diminish weaknesses
  • Work together more effectively
  • Reduce conflict
  • Appreciate and value diversity in the workplace
CORE MAP ensures that each employee has what it takes to be personally effective and a top performer.
Managers gain valuable insights into their staff members and learn:
  • What motivates and de-motivates each one
  • How to apply the most effective management style
  • How to best communicate with each employee
  • Where to place each employee to maximize potential
When you need precision, accurate results and reliability CORE MAP is the superior choice.
Our training can maximize the effectiveness of:
  • Management & Leadership
  • Customer Relations
  • Sales
  • Persuasion & Negotiation
  • Team Building
  • Verbal & Nonverbal Communications
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Employee Relations
  • Motivation
  • Change Management
In today's changeable and sometimes volatile marketplace, companies must always be looking for ways to maximize the potential of their employees and to retain their top performers.
The best and most workers tend to actively seek companies that best fit their style. CORE MAP help you know exaclty what your ideal team members look like at very deep and borad levels, which ensures that you are porsitioned to attract and retain the best. 






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