Subliminal researchers state that as much as 93% of all communications are nonverbal. The ability to understand and properly respond to this form of communication is key to connecting with other people successfully, yet very few people have developed these important skills and they are the least taught in the field of communications.
Studies done by Harvard, the University of California-Berkeley and IBM have placed the effective use of nonverbal communications as the primary factor in successful selling, persuading and negotiating.
You'll be amazed at how much people tell you about their wants, needs, thoughts, moods and more using this silent, but very precise, language. You'll be able to tell people so much about themselves that they will swear you can read minds!
This program is an in-depth course that teaches participants to read people almost instantly and with amazing accuracy.
Participants will be able to:
  • Improve customer relations and inter-company relationships
  • Manage others more effectively
  • Persuade and negotiate with greater ease
  • Read individual and cluster gestures correctly
  • "Hear" what is NOT said and correctly decipher what IS
  • Read buying (or buy-in) signals to close more sales and get more ideas implemented
  • Develop rapport and build trust without saying a word
  • Quickly calm angry customers by silently addressing their unconscious needs
  • and MORE!
This dynamic workshop promises positive results! In fact, we guarantee you will be "reading" people better by the end of the first session or the session is FREE!

AAA COMMUNICATIONS (Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime)
In business, in life, and in relationships of all kinds, communicating well is vital to success. . . and we all know from experience that just being able to talk is not communicating.
Different personality types communicate differently; speak, hear and perceive differently; and focus on different things; so the potential for miscommunication is very high.
Overcome the communication handicap by first discovering your own communication style and then learning to recognize and effectively communicate with styles that are different from your own. With increased awareness and powerful communication skills, you will improve every interaction, every time.






Power Shift

Power Shift